Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Song...

That song is old y'all. It just keeps skipping and skipping and damaging and running and skipping and stopping. That song is so old. That needle has dug in the same groove over and over again. The song stopped. The music silenced. The heart still talks.
The silence tickled me a little. I got so comfortable in it. So comfortable. I snuggled up, ran my fingers gently across it's back, and nuzzled my nose in it's neck.
The sunrise kissed my room. It warmed the sill, danced across my floor, hugged my comforter and lovingly wrapped its' arms around me. The heart still spoke.
I awoke and shook off night. I fought it's sadness. I greeted mornings song. My body yearned for it and shook and my sex was excited to see what new could be heard today. My ears tuned to the jungle thump of my heart. Oh and I stirred. The heart dances.
It started with an ankles twitch, a finger snapping, a blinking eye and a smile. Oh that smile. That not dead sound erupted from my cavities, that not dead sound, rooted in a new song, resounded so loudly. It shook my core so much that my eyes, dark, heavily silenced eyes, took their place in the dance and began to release water joy down my cheeks. My hair curled to the song, my heart danced.
My lungs fought complacency and forced life back into me. I stomped my feet. I grabbed earth and crumpled newness between my fingers and under my nails. My water joy tickled the ground and she seemed to smile. My fingers and palms met over and over again while fighting meter and restraint. I began to turn. My arms resisted gravity no more and with chest high, arms splayed, I let the air kiss my hot skin. I let the air nibble my neck. I let the air whisper to me. I spun and spun. The sun above. The chilled newness below. I closed my eyes and that's when I heard it. The new song. Oh that song, so new. So fresh. So gentle. So not afraid or worn or ragged, not skipping, not stopping. Damn that record was so beautiful. The air laid the tune in my ears. And my heart spoke-it's's always been in are afraid of have to want have to own your have to put you have to never let someone make you doubt your are beautiful...and somebody is gonna love you...i promise you this....look and fight for your joy. Today I walk away humming a melody like no other. My heart. My dance. My song.