Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Indecent Exposure my ass!

Here's the thing...

They got me again girl! Those damn park cops have a bounty on my head and some sort of free ham everytime they arrest me. At this point next years holiday season is covered. I'll set it all up for you and allow you to make any conclusion you want!

Picture this:
A sensible mid morning dew rising off the grass. The sun kissing the clouds away. A backpack. An Ipod. Short shorts a bare chest. Got it so far. Now hear this: birds chirping. The soothing lull of the river waves smacking against the pier, a faint laugh of a child, the piercing sound of "Ma'am could you please put your shirt back on? You are not allowed to be topless in this park"

See: Rage and Disbelief

See: A damn cop hovering over me..repeating the exact same phrase found in the paragraph above.

I said sorry? he said ma'am! I said i'm a boy. He said and i'm the fucking pope. I said well hi fucker, how bout you stop touching kids. He said...well nothing he just hit me in the head with a nearby bucket.

I said. ow!

As he put me in handcuffs my man tits slung left to right, up and down. He said indecent exposure and i said why because I was sunning my man pancakes. He said, yes!

Honey a girl can't get a break! At least during my incarceration i'll get that prison!
Oh Vay!

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