Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prince Charming

Today, hunty, today.
I just left a Starbucks, enjoying a sensible, yet non recession proof 1.92 cup of coffee, when I fell in love. I mean maybe not love, but an intense lust with a twinkle of hope in my heart and an extra rise in my groin. Walking down the street clad in a skinny jean, a winter fur lined vest, Canal sunglasses and Uggs-my Thursday brunch in the City look-I walked past this store and there he was. Ohhh just thinking about it makes me giddy. I look at him, he looks back, I look away. He looks, I look, we both look away. I look, he looks, hell...look you get the point. My breath was taking away and I didn't know what I wanted to do. So I test the water. I swing my head, give such a smokey eye that my iris cramps, by the way,awkward, and I lick my lips. He continues to stare blankly, judging, not judging, staring all glassy eyed and I'm thinking what the f-word. I look at my phone, fake a text, all the while glancing over at him. I can feel him staring but now, now I've got to play hard to get. I drop a piece of paper daintily out of my bag and in my best gutter butt Playboy mansion kind of way, pick it up. I can feel him staring, oh and it feels good. I'm not letting him get these Lil Debbie snacks that easily, but I can't take it anymore. I walk back up to the window, wink and go inside. There is a woman between me and him and him and I. I get nervous...is this another one of those damn DL brothers? Shit, i misjudged. I simply can't ignore her like any other woman in my life, so I speak to her very annoyed. "I'm sorry how much for that black dildo in the window?"

Who says the man of your dreams can't be found. I found mine being at the right place at the right time. Excuse me, I have a little date with my Prince Charming.

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