Monday, August 2, 2010

Video of Death

Sometimes you view things that you don't necessarily want to see or ever need to see. I just watched a video of murder. A murder. A gang of men in some Indian country gathered around a woman beaten badly. She had been spit upon, stomped in the face, punched, kicked, drug and the final blow was a cement block being dropped twice on her head. MURDER. Viewed not discretely but on a public forum, on Facebook. The issues that surround this are so many: why is there a crowd of men beating a woman to death and noone stopping them-noone. What kind of sick person thinks this is okay to put on the internet to share with the rest of the world? What kind of person picks this up off a site and places it on a public forum for everyone to see? And what kind of person does it make me that I just viewed it? It had an affect. It made me so angry and sick to my stomach that i'm not well. I probably won't be well for a minute. Where and in what society is it perfectly okay to do this? I mean are we really that barbaric and the need for blood that severe that this is okay. In America, women have fought an intense battle to be seen as equal to their counterpartse-men. Their advances have more than double women in other places. Although some feel that the battle has not gained much ground-there are not community supported mobs robbing the lives of a woman. Or are there? The way this woman was treated was not human, was not animal. It was evil how they treated her and even if it was a case of adultery: when is this, death, a suitable punishment. The fact that another human video taped this and I watched this, even if it was just a small portion, what does THAT say about our society? Are we truly that hungry for voyeurism and real life "entertainment" that we will watch anything? And was this posting meant to be a warning to others? Kinda like back in the day when the town would gather to watch a hanging? I would always wonder what sick fucks would watch that? Who willingly volunteers for mental torture? I write with such rage and fury because myheart has never experienced anything like that. I have a soul that is very sensitive to other people and their energies and to watch that and feel it is a bit too much. My heart breaks for humanity. It crumples for all the strong women in my life who fight for rights and this is some bullshit that should have never happened. I'm off to reset my soul.

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