Tuesday, August 17, 2010

White Peaches

Today life picked me up and whispered I love you. It gently kissed me with a breeze. It hugged me with the sun. It filled me with air fresh and calm.
Today I sit here in the park, olive oil in my pores, Jennifer Hudson in my ear, thoughts running marathons in my head.

Clarity. I feel that daily I lace up my boxing gloves and fight doubt and confusion and acceptance. I don't want to keep being a martyr. It gets to be too much for me. At what point in my life is my season of increase gonna come. I moved here to NYC with nothing but a dream, rent money and no plans. And New York, guess what? I made it! I'm still here Bitch! I've done you and i'm doing you. I will not be crushed by you and my insecurities. Today I whisper till I scream in my heart that I am here!!!! I am more than a conqueror and there is nothing that life can throw at me or has tried to throw at me that I already haven't beaten.

Plussize Twink

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